Popover menu to share on Twitter or by email any text selected on the page with support for mobile devices (with a popunder).

selection sharer screenshot

How to add it to your site

This script requires jQuery so make sure you have it loaded on your page.

Add the stylesheet in the <head> of your page:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/selection-sharer.css" />

and add the Javascript at the bottom of your page near the closing </body> tag:

<script src="dist/selection-sharer.js"></script>

If you want to add Facebook share, please make sure that your page has a Facebook App ID meta tag:

<meta property="fb:app_id" content="123456789" />

The url shared can be set using the og:url tag:

<meta property="og:url" content="http://your.url/to/share" />

Or if you are using requirejs, you can do:

require(["dist/selection-sharer"], function(SelectionSharer) {
  var sharer = new SelectionSharer();
  selectionSharer.setElements('p'); // bind mouseup event to all <p> elements

Or more simply:


That’s it.

Please let me know if you install this script on your site. Just star this repo and ping me on Twitter @xdamman. Thank you!


  • Images are included inline in the CSS as SVG (perfect for Retina displays, loading time and to easily create new color schemes)
  • Total size gzipped minified: 3.5K (equally split between css and javascript)


There is a demos/ directory with some examples using jquery, requirejs or simple javascript.

You can also try it directly on my blog on

Bookmarklet version

Add a new bookmark to your bookmark bar, edit its url and copy paste the following code:

javascript:(function(){var s=document.createElement('script');s.src="//";document.body.appendChild(s);})()


To recompile the minified versions of the css and javascript in the dist/ directory, simply run:

npm install


This is still early days so there is still a lot to do and I welcome contributions.


  • Make a browser extension
  • Make a Wordpress plugin - done by @jcvangent
  • Add support for different themes
  • Add tests
  • Tests across multiple browsers (currently only tested on Chrome, Safari, Firefox on a Mac)
  • Remove dependency on jQuery
  • Make the CSS more robust against collisions